Friday, October 30, 2009

Texas de Brazil - Dolphin Mall

Early this month we decided that a nice evening was long overdue. Now, if you know us, you probably know that we tag along with our tiny hurricane everywhere we go. We believe that children need to be as involved in all social activities as possible, this is why we have taken Mia with us to bars, clubs and were contemplating on Vegas until we heard about the pesky 21 and over rule....I mean, what gives??!!

All kidding aside (I WAS kidding) we believe that Mia should be exposed to different dining experiences in order to learn how to properly behave in different situations. From relaxed dining to nice restaurants, our tiny hurricane has made her parents very proud.

On a previous get together Silvia and I had stamped Sunday as "Death by Meat" day, aka Texas de Brazil. We have been there plenty of times, and we always leave with the uneasy feeling that we may just have overdone it this time. But it is so good that we keep coming back for more.

This time we made a date with the Lluberes again and brought Danny as well in order to thoroughly thank him for his help in moving us to and from Memphis. Danny, YOU ROCK!. He moves us, we buy him half a cow, and suddenly its even, this is a true friend indeed.

We headed over in the early afternoon (around 4pm) for two reasons, shall Mia act up, we wouldn't disturb a crowded restaurant but most importantly, we needed time for digestion before heading off to sleep. We met with Carlos and Silvia at the door and were promptly seated and our drink orders were taken a few minutes later. The passion fruit Caipirinha is to die for, if you do go to TdB this is THE drink to get. Its refreshing, crisp and tangy all at the same time, the nice buzz is just an added plus.

Then, THEY SHOW UP...countless numbers of sword wielding servers armed with the most debilitating weapon for a hungry person, meat. And damn good meat at that. So many of them that it almost becomes a sea of...well, cow. The meat is so tender that a knife is not needed, the fillet Mignon can be cut with a spoon, the picanha juicy, and the short ribs tasty and greasy like they should be.

By this time, Mia is off in her own little world, coloring and/or covering Carlitos with every My Little Pony sticker she can get her hands on. And this is good, because I'm too busy stuffing my face to pay attention. She actually ate very well, she had two bowls of lobster bisque and a Parmesan crusted chicken as well as some of my meat. Children under 5 eat free so this is a great restaurant to take your kids to. They will be impressed with the swords and the grown ups will be rolling out with a full belly of food. Please take the rolling out part literally.

After an hour of eating, we decide we've had enough, so we go ahead and order dessert. What?? Nothing wrong with a little sugar. Danny orders the Brazilian Caramel cheesecake and Silvia a slice of chocolate cake a la mode. We all eat. Both were scrumptious. The perfect end to a great meal.

The service, as always, was excellent. Texas de Brazil must take great pride in this and train their waiters very well as we've yet to receive even mediocre service, its always been top notch.

So we walk out to peruse the adjacent Dolphin Mall, in full hopes that this will aid our digestion...and we leave thinking, we may have just overdone it this time...

Pros: Large quantities of meat, great service, great food and drinks, beautiful ambiance, clean bathrooms, kids eat free until 5 years old.
Cons: Large quantities of meat, a bit expensive (but if you sign up for the TdB e-club they will periodically send out 50% off coupons for up to 6 people!), obviously not recommended for vegetarians!

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  1. We went to this restaurant for my husband's birthday. Thank you for the disclosure of the e-club and the kids eat free information. All six of us went to eat and we only paid the price of one meal and a half! My husband and boys loved it. And we all loved to chance to dress up!

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