Thursday, August 13, 2009

Silver Spoon Japanese and Thai - Miramar

Silver Spoon is located in the Home Depot shopping plaza off Miramar Pkwy and I75, next to Coldstone.

Mom, Mia and I found ourselves hungry in the middle of the new Miramar Park playground the other day (did I mention that playground rocks? Just one thing, why are the benches outside the gated area? Are parents not allowed to sit down? Whatever, I digress), actually, to be completely honest, it was almost 6pm and Mia came up to me and stated "Mia numy numy peeeze" which translates to "I want food oh sweet, caring and fair mother of mine" or something ...

Mom said that there was a real good sushi restaurant nearby, and since I love sushi, we headed over. This is a fairly new place, at least it seems to be, the whole area is I think. After a quick look at the menu I decided that Mia would have some shrimp dumplings and I the Alaskan and Dynamite roll (I was also starved). Mom got the ginger duck with rice.

While we were ordering, hurricane Mia decided to unleash her wrath onto the poor and unsuspecting bottle of soy sauce, so by the time we looked over, she had poured almost the entire bottle onto a small saucer. I was the one who knocked it over. "No, no, no mami... no play food" Yeeeeeeahhhh, obviously MY mistake. I continued to apologize for making a mess (it was all over the floor) but the waitress was really nice and sweet and cleaned it all up in a second.

Mia peeled the wrappers off her chopsticks and proceeded to have a drumming session on the table. "Look bongos", "Mami, cool bongos", "Mia bongos"... I didn't have the heart to tell her that bongos were not played with drum sticks, much less sushi ones. Really, who am I to ruin my child's possible future career in music?

Our drink order came out alongside some fresh and delish ginger salad. The veggies were crispy and juicy and the dressing was to die for. Mia loved it as well, she ate all the cucumber and tomatoes in both (My mom's and I) salads. Just as and FYI they have a pretty good children menu, with shrimp and fish as options, alongside either rice or fries.

Just before the usual "more tomatoes" breakdown, our food arrived and it looked and smelled great. My mom's duck was juicy and crispy at the same time and my sushi was also very good. Mia's appetizer was ok, steamed dumplings filled with shrimp...which is exactly what I ordered, but I guess I was expecting something else... two out of 3 ain't bad. And the two that were good were really good.

I hate to be the one to say this, but whenever I go into an Asian restaurant (be it Chinese, Thai, Japanese etc...) I don't expect good service, I actually expect mediocre service at best. But I love this kind of cuisine so much that I am willing to put up with this low point (in my opinion). This restaurant was the opposite. From Mia's spilled soy sauce fiasco to how attentive our waitress was during our meal, I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely return, and, since its in our neck of the woods, I expect to return soon and often.

Pros: Not too pricey for the quality of food, big portions, clean, great service.
Cons: Don't order the steamed dumplings for a kid, without the chili sauce, they are kind of bland.

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